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Barbados Paintings

What a picturesque place to visit! Lots of surfing here and hot pots to soak in for the non-surfers. Bathsheba is the pride of the Barbados landscape.and this painting adorned the cover of “Ins and Outs” magazine for 2010.

I made giclees` of this piece because it so represents Barbados. This is a fishing area far up the west coast with small chattel homes on one side of the road and fishing huts or booths on the other where they bring in the day’s catch.

The northern tip of Barbados offers views and cliffs and rushing, crashing waves that put fear into your bones. But here is a favorite park to enjoy, a serene inlet for swimming and picnicing and resting the soul. This painting is a full sheet watercolor.

This painting is intense in color – but just a simple fisherman against the pristine waters Barbados offers.

These colorful boats are always laying around after a day of frolicking in the sea. Lots of folks walk this beach all the way into Bridgetown because it is a link to the Hilton.


Comments on: "Barbados Paintings" (4)

  1. Mary Armitage said:

    Beautiful, Joan! I have been to Bathsheba and taken photos of the woman looking into the mirror, the dog and the frog (rocks). Gorgeous work!

  2. I went to Barbados a couple of years ago and purchased a small water color painting called SeaBath I look at that painting everyday and I get such enjoyment from looking at it .just wanted to thank you, you are touching people’s lives and your not even aware that you are .countinue painting. I love your work

    • Mary Armitage said:

      I love Joan’s SeaBath painting. I purchased a reprint of it and just love it! She is so very talented!

  3. Patricia Schluter said:

    Joan, I love your work! You are an inspiration. You find beauty all around you and capture it so artistically on canvas. I am not at all surprised you won “Artist of the Year”. Congratulations!!!

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