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New England Paintings

Laundry always has to be done and New Englander’s take advantage of the nice sunny days to get it dried. It’s out there for all to see and is usually in the mind of the hanger to coordinate the colors.A snowy Sunday afternoon is a nice time for a walk – when everything is covered with a fresh coat and most people are snuggled around the wood stove keeping warm.

This farm was operated and maintained by brothers who cared so much about nature that they would not disturb the birds nesting there. They worked around nature at its best not spoiling the cycle of God’s work. Some of the barns have since fallen prey to the elements but it is still breathtaking to drive past.

A spring day in the country when all is just coming alive once more. The old wooden church stands tall amongst the memory of those passed

Sugar maples giving sap to made into syrup. It is usually a warm spell in February or March that makes the sap run and all scurry to collect it. These are long days in the sugar house boiling until it is satisfactory. This particular road joins four others that are lined with these gorgeous trees making a shade canopy during the summer.

The front steps of an old Cape Cod home out in the country in western Massachusetts. It is all so typical; notice the pushed out screen on the door. Summer breezes and flowers and a rocker that no longer gets used.


Comments on: "New England Paintings" (2)

  1. maureen wilkinson said:

    Hi I just love your paintings !! The New Englad ones remend me of the fun we had with jack !!


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