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I am Joan Boryta. joanborytaart@gmail.com

As you will know immediately when you see my work, I am an avid watercolorist!  I just love the spontaneity of the medium. You never know what is going to happen, and after you master the medium, the surprises are usually very good.  I like  to work with lots of water keeping things moist all through the procedure;  that way you can get soft and hard edges which make the painting more interesting.   It’s best to keep in mind all the time you are painting that you are not trying to reproduce the “picture”; you are putting yourself in there with all your emotions and visual colors and painting the piece from your heart,, not your eyes.  Then when someone sees the work, a chord strikes in his own heart that links the viewer to the artist. 

Anyhow, take a look……….I am giving you samples from three different parts of the world.  Enjoy!


I was invited to spend time in residency in the southwestern part of Ireland in this tiny village that sprouted up during the famine. During my stay, the weather was extreme from sunny to stormy with winds howling fiercely, but I was protected in the little stone house. In the month I was there, I was able to produce 35-40 pristine watercolors with a total change of palette from the Barbados watercolors.                 The views were vast, huge and enormous no matter where I looked. The overhead clouds changed quickly making it difficult to paint outside.

Southwest Ireland

What a picturesque place to visit! Lots of surfing here and hot pots to soak in for the non-surfers. Bathsheba is the pride of the Barbados landscape.and this painting adorned the cover of “Ins and Outs” magazine for 2010.

I made giclees` of this piece because it so represents Barbados. This is a fishing area far up the west coast with small chattel homes on one side of the road and fishing huts or booths on the other where they bring in the day’s catch.

The northern tip of Barbados offers views and cliffs and rushing, crashing waves that put fear into your bones. But here is a favorite park to enjoy, a serene inlet for swimming and picnicing and resting the soul. This painting is a full sheet watercolor.

This painting is intense in color – but just a simple fisherman against the pristine waters Barbados offers.

These colorful boats are always laying around after a day of frolicking in the sea. Lots of folks walk this beach all the way into Bridgetown because it is a link to the Hilton.

Laundry always has to be done and New Englander’s take advantage of the nice sunny days to get it dried. It’s out there for all to see and is usually in the mind of the hanger to coordinate the colors.A snowy Sunday afternoon is a nice time for a walk – when everything is covered with a fresh coat and most people are snuggled around the wood stove keeping warm.

This farm was operated and maintained by brothers who cared so much about nature that they would not disturb the birds nesting there. They worked around nature at its best not spoiling the cycle of God’s work. Some of the barns have since fallen prey to the elements but it is still breathtaking to drive past.

A spring day in the country when all is just coming alive once more. The old wooden church stands tall amongst the memory of those passed

Sugar maples giving sap to made into syrup. It is usually a warm spell in February or March that makes the sap run and all scurry to collect it. These are long days in the sugar house boiling until it is satisfactory. This particular road joins four others that are lined with these gorgeous trees making a shade canopy during the summer.

The front steps of an old Cape Cod home out in the country in western Massachusetts. It is all so typical; notice the pushed out screen on the door. Summer breezes and flowers and a rocker that no longer gets used.


I’m getting all ready for the show to open June 28 (grand opening). I will be exhibiting California paintings this year and look forward to seeing you all back again.  Send your name and address for a mailed invitation.

Check out these samples.

This year, I will be teaching watercolors “free and easy” most Saturdays all during Art-A-Fair.  Come, and I will show you the fearless way to paint with watercolor.  You will take home your own masterpiece each class.

This gallery contains 2 photos.

OLLIE Classes

new artists

new artists

I always forget to bring my camera to photograph these aspiring artists taking an evening class at JCC in Long Beach.  Here is one day I remembered.  Aren’t they great!!!

img_0583 img_0582 img_0580 img_0579 img_0577 img_0575 img_0572 img_0571 img_0570 img_0568 img_0567 img_0566 2016-1 img_0573

2015 Workshop Pictures

IMG_0152IMG_0154IMG_0196IMG_0182IMG_0183IMG_0201IMG_0203IMG_0146 IMG_0148 IMG_0150 IMG_0151 IMG_0219 IMG_0245

Enjoy dinner and a very special art exhibit from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on August 30th! Esteemed artist and Seal Beach resident Joan Boryta will be on hand to guide you through the magic of her watercolor paintings. Additionally, her original artwork will be on display and offered for sale. This is a unique opportunity to enjoy a fine dinner and get the rare opportunity to peruse and purchase original fine art.

Come in and enjoy our beers on tap, our new wines and our handmade burgers, pasta and specialty pizzas. 

Click the link for more information:



Russell, MA Firehouse

Week #1   Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri  July 6-10

Week #2   Mon, Tues  Wed, Thurs, Fri July 13-17

To enroll, please download and fill out the enrollment form:


PAYMENT IN FULL BY June 15.   No refunds/changes after this date.  Classes are $70/day from 9am-4pm.  You may take half days 9-12 or 1-4 at $40.  Setup time after 8:30am.  Decaf coffee furnished daily.  Eating facilities nearby or plan to bring lunch for the one-hour break.  Demonstration will be first before morning and afternoon session

I cater to all levels of experience and make time for everyone. There will be a critique after each session.  If you have questions, please email me atjoanborytaart@gmail.com or call 714-842-0674, cell 657-203-1833.

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